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  • Output Power : 500
  • Amps : 4.2
  • Voltage : 120
  • Power Source : AC
  • Gas Engine Capacity : N/A
  • Diesel Engine Capacity : 15-25 US Quarts
  • Auto/Manual Transmission : N/A
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity : 120-200 US Quarts
  • Water Tank Capacity : 200-400 US Quarts
  • Weight (lbs) : 2
  • Width (inches) : 5
  • Height (inches) : 7

A Duramax start-up heater kit provides the four basic components to ensure optimum heating under cold conditions. The kit consists of a TITAN TH500-1 Oil Pad Heater, a TITAN Battery Warmer THB60-1a TITAN Fuel Filter Heater THF50-1togehter with a HS3 Thermostat.

TITAN Pad Heaters are 0.075″ (1.9mm) thin flexible silicone oil pan heating pads that are attached to the outside of an oil pan or metal fluid reservoir such as a hydraulic tank. The pad incorporates a 3M peel back adhesive on one side that bonds onto the metal surface. Once installed, the heater pad will never fall off.

An engine oil pan heater is far superior to a block heater and more efficient as a block heater only “warms” a part of the engine not all the engine.

An engine oil pan heater, “heats” the complete engine starting at the bottom; the hot oil heats the crankshaft, which in turn heats the connecting rods, pistons and cylinder heads.

TITAN oil pan heaters are supplied with an installation kit and instructions for a complete installation; no special tools or skills are required.

Remember, heat rises up!

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Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in the USA
  • UL recognised component
  • BONDS to Oil Pan or Fluid Reservoir
  • RAISES Oil Temperature to Operating Levels
  • IMMEDIATE Oil Pressure Throughout Engine
  • IMPROVES Crankability
  • EXTEND Starter Motor Life
  • REDUCES Cold Start Wear
  • WARMS Important Internal Parts
  • REDUCES System Warm-up Time
  • NO Maintenance
  • IDEAL for Hydraulic Tanks
  • WILL NOT Burn Out Like Immersion Oil Sump Heaters
  • Electrical cord length 6 feet with sealed three point plug




Raises oil temperature 100°f in less than two hours



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